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Advantages & Tips for Buying Used Cars

Advantage of Buying Used Cars

  • Cars that have been used for only a year are 25%-30% cheaper than brand new cars
  • Buying a used car saves money on insurance
  • Chances to bargain to the maximum extent for the used car
  • Sometimes there are chances of getting a Used Car with factory Warranties
  • Now a days, most new car makers are selling used cars with warranty
  • With the advantage of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) you can easily trace the car history
  • Negotiation process is risk free, if you opt to buy a used car with the help of private parties

Tips to Buy a Used Car

  • Set your budget limitations as per your economic ability
  • Go for used cars that still have original manufacturer’s warranty remaining
  • Do a thorough check about the cars' make, model and service condition
  • Do some searches on Google / Bing about service and maintenance for the car that you are planning to buy
  • Ask for service records to ensure that the car was maintained well
  • If you are connected to a dealer,inquire with the original owner to find out the actual reason for wanting to sell that car
  • Go through that car thoroughly yourself before buying
  • Don’t forget to take a test drive to understand the condition of that car
  • Before going on to make any payment, do some inquiries about the current market price of that used car to help you negotiate the price.
  • Check if the paper work is done properly or not